Vietnam Tourism Caution | Word of Warning

Beautiful scenery and foreign food are often the biggest factors for people when deciding to travel to another country. Travelling opens doors to new experiences and ways of thinking—it is no wonder then that it is a widely desired experience. It is a major bucket list item and for good reason. The sights and sounds and homegrown food of another culture are things that cannot be experienced authentically without travelling there. But diving into another culture on its mainland can also have its share of uncomfortable and dangerous moments, as we all deal with in our own places of living. The same is true for Vietnam, one of the countries with the highest non-return rate of tourists.

Travel Safe in Vietnam 

Every country has its warnings and words of caution for tourists entering their country. An internet search for tourist safety tips for the country you are travelling to should be a mandatory practice for every person planning to leave the country, whether for business or for vacation. If you are travelling to Vietnam and do this same search, a common topic of caution is always brought up. Scammers, con artists, and being ripped off. People who pay for a more expensive touring package or who stay in high quality hotels and dine in high class restaurants will, of course, have a different experience from those choosing to just backpack their way through the country. However, spending a bit more money won’t guarantee a worry-free trip, especially if you choose to stray from a tour guide for a day or if you’re travelling along the most common tourist routes to the different attractions.


Some people who have travelled to Vietnam and were victims of being overcharged for a service or scammed by a roadside motor-taxi believe that travelling along the usual tourist paths to the different cities or sightseeing areas might increase one’s chances of a bad experience with a vendor or service individual (unless they are working with a reputable business service that people are familiar with). Common negative occurrences tourists have experienced are taxis with faster ticking fare counters or street vendors raising the price of something for a foreigner and keeping the price normal for locals. Special caution should be taken when bringing a bag or other belongings with you out on your travels. It is wise not to leave belongings unattended or out of reach, as drive-by motor snatchings and general thievery can occur, though this rule is universal to all places.


As was stated before, though there are many accounts of dealing with scammers and price gouging, there are also many accounts from people who had no bad things to say about their travels in Vietnam. Travelling with a set of safety guidelines in mind may help you to have a better trip and decrease the odds of a dodgy encounter. Vietnam is still a country of rich history and culture and amazing cuisine. If you travel safe and prepared, you are sure to have a good time.