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One of the biggest parts about travel is experiencing new foods and cuisines. Even travelling within one country to another part of the country will reveal different dishes that are the specialty of that area. There is no place you can travel to that will not have a signature dish that the locals will want you to try. If you are travelling to Vietnam, not only are there many different foods to try, but food in general is a huge part of the culture and the lives of the people who live there. Street vendors line the roads with affordable and tasty dishes—family and friends constantly ask each other, as a greeting, if they have eaten—food is a very central part to the lives of those who live in Vietnam, and that fact will be very apparent to any tourist travelling there. So if you are heading to Vietnam, make sure to look out for the most well known Vietnamese dish that is also popular worldwide—pho.

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Vietnamese Pho Cuisine

Pho is a popular noodle dish in Vietnam that has become widely available in other countries because of its popularity. Pho is made by combining salty broth, rice noodles, herbs, and a choice of meat (usually chicken or beef). Its delicious taste, enjoyable way of being eaten (who doesn’t love slurping down noodles?), and cheap cost makes this dish a widespread favorite in Vietnam. There is a place to eat pho no matter where you are walking in Vietnam, especially if you travel to the cities.


Pho started off as being a popular breakfast time food because it was easy on the stomach of the hard laborers and rice field workers, but it was not heavy enough to bog them down after they had finished eating. It was created during the 20th century and was popularized when the Vietnamese made use of leftover beef bones from their dealings with French colonists who had a high demand for beef. These bones were then turned into a tasty broth and combined with noodles and thin scraps of beef. Many historically popular dishes often come from times of struggle or scarcity of resources and are then turned into dishes of national pride—this is true of pho.


Vietnamese immigrants who travelled to other countries brought their knowledge of the dish and its preparation with them, and thus pho’s fate of becoming a popular international dish was sealed. Especially in metropolitan cities, it is easy to find a Vietnamese restaurant where this classic dish is made. However, for the true, authentic experience of consuming pho, one should travel to Vietnam and visit any of the street vendors selling this dish—it’ll be much cheaper, as well.


If you travel to Vietnam and don’t make it a point to have some authentic pho, you will surely be missing out. This dish has been rated one of the world’s tastiest meals and the likelihood of having perfectly prepared pho by the hands of someone who knows its deep roots in Vietnamese culture will only add to the experience of eating it.

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