Travelling in Vietnam | General Travel Tips

Tips for Traveling Vietnam

When travelling in a different country, whether on vacation or there for business, it is important to know how you are going to get around. If the services are available and the price is not an issue, some people decide to rent a vehicle. Others may opt to use taxis or other car services to get around, especially in more metropolitan areas where parking can be a nightmare. In some smaller areas or environmentally conscious countries, bicycles might to be the preferred method of travel. And then there are the underground metro stations and places of international high-speed transit. No matter where you go, you are going to need to get around somehow, and the place that you travel to will have its own common transportation services that may be different from the ones you are used to. Even more importantly is the factor of being a foreigner, especially if you are planning on travelling to Vietnam.

Vietnam may prove to be a different travel experience for anyone who is more used to the Western customs of travel, though it isn’t due to the method of travel. One of the most used forms of travel for tourists is the taxi, and Vietnam also provides this service. The taxi cars with set fare rates that are known beforehand tend to be cheap and accessible if you are travelling about in a major city. It is also a preferred way of travelling at night due to its added safety. However, tourists should be cautious of taxis without set fare rates that are given before the ride, as some of these cars may use a faster ticking fare counter to hike up the price.


If you need to get from one end of Vietnam to another, you can avoid the added anxiety of hiked up fare rates for land travel by booking a plane ticket. There are a few Vietnamese airlines that offer international flights for good rates, and it will also cut down on travel time. Not travelling far enough to justify a car or plane trip? No problem! There is actually a method of travel in Vietnam that differs from some other places around the globe, and it is good for short distance travel if you’re not carrying luggage. Taxi scooters/motorbikes, known as xe om in Vietnamese, are an easy way to get around in Vietnam. Just make sure to hire your driver beforehand or at a reputable service center to ensure you and your wallet will not be taken advantage of.


Vietnam is a country filled with history, culture, and some very amazing landscapes. Many people travel there specifically to get a taste of this Vietnam experience. However, the tourist-targeting custom that surrounds many forms of the country’s public transportation system can be a turn off to many. If you are looking to have the best time in Vietnam, either try to get a paid tour guide to help you on your travels, or study up on the customs beforehand.