How to Have Smarter Vietnam Traveling Plans

Vietnam is a country full of opportunities for travel. In fact, it generates about 6% of its GDP from tourists. The airport is always full of European backpackers. You will also hear Chinese talking in Mandarin Chinese.

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is popular because of its tropical beaches, Communist kitsch for sale, hill tribe treks, and French-style urban architecture. However, because of the influx of tourists, you may not be able to enjoy Vietnam.

Obtain Visa upon Arrival

vietnam-Visa How to Have Smarter Vietnam Traveling Plans

Tourists can prearrange a Vietnam visa through an online travel agency. Nevertheless, they must pay about $20 for the fee. Tourists can print the confirmation and present it, together with almost the same amount of visa fee and a passport-sized photo, when they get to the airport. Getting an e-visa will save them time and effort for a face-to-face visit to a Vietnamese consulate.

Expect to have a long line of tourists at the airport. These people are waiting for their visa too. After procuring the visa, you need to line up again at the normal immigration line to have it stamped.

Never Make Hotel Reservations During Off-Peak Seasons

If going to Vietnam during off-peak season and if you have time, you can opt to go hotel window-shopping in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. These cities have blocks of hotels close to each other. You may be able to get the best bargains if you go hotel hopping. Also, if you book hotel reservations online, you may not be able to search for cheaper, nicer, or newer hotels.

Shop in Stores Outside of the Tourist Districts

Most stores and restaurants are found near the French quarters of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi cities. The Lake of the Returned Sword in Hanoi is also near these shops. Meanwhile, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh are near major tourist marketplace.

However, you can find adventure in other parts of these cities. You can find cheaper restaurants of the same caliber as those restaurants in touristy areas. Colorful clothes and coffee are at lower prices in less-traveled parts of the town.

Go to Clubs Frequented by Locals

Travel websites disclose sing-along clubs and jazz bars frequented by Vietnamese. You can go to these places to relax. Such clubs and bars may be on the side streets of the busy financial center in Ho Chi Minh. Regular tourists do not go there. By trying local clubs, you are able to experience how it is to be a Vietnamese. You can tell more stories to your friends and relatives when you return home. You may even meet a new friend who can show you around the city.

Taste Vietnam’s Craft Beers

vietnam-Visa How to Have Smarter Vietnam Traveling Plans

In recent years, Asian lagers were a favorite in Vietnam. But, some expatriates brought craft beers in the country. A craft brewery is able to 12 types of beer like jasmine-flavored and passion fruit ales. Today, more brewers are putting craft breweries in different parts of the country. Thus, tourists now have options, instead of drinking cheap Asian lagers.


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