Guide to Help You in Making Your Vietnam Traveling Plans

Vietnam is famous for its epic beauty. The natural beauty of Halong Bay and Sam Mountain, the artistry of the man-made pagodas and sacred temples, and the beaches and rice terraces make the country a frequent choice for travelers. Vietnam has a long history of communism, poverty, colonialism, and war. Its horrid history is still visible in its locals today.

Vietnam Guide to Help You in Making Your Vietnam Traveling Plans

Average Costs of Travel


You have a lot of options in Vietnam. If you are on a budget, you can opt for hostels with basic accommodation that cost about 100,000 VND each night. If you prefer a nicer place, prepare double the amount. You can have private rooms for a minimum of 425,000 VND. Most budget travelers prefer hostels, which offer free Wi-Fi, free beer, or free breakfast. A double-bed room in a budget hotel will cost about 225,000 per night, with free breakfast and free Wi-Fi.


Rice dish or a bowl of pho costs 20,000 VND. Prepare at most 95,000 VND if you want a sit-down restaurant. Of course, Western food and fancier restaurants charge higher. You can buy a liter of water for 15,000 VND in a convenience store. Soda or beer from a restaurants cost at most 35,000 VND. If you prefer to cook, you spend a minimum of 400,000 VND per week. You can buy the freshest and cheapest food from local markets. It is cheaper and easier to eat at restaurants or buy street food.


Vietnam Guide to Help You in Making Your Vietnam Traveling Plans

If you want to go around Ho Chi Minh, prepare at most 4,000 VND per ride in a public bus. You pay a maximum of 500,000 VND for overnight travel in a bus. If you want to visit Phnom Penh in Cambodia from Ho Chi Minh, expect to pay about 320,000 VND per person. If you are coming from Da Nang and going to Hanoi, you can take the train and pay about 750,000 VND. If you want to travel by plane, you can take low-cost airlines for at least 400,000 VND. You can also take the tourist bus when you travel around the country. Be prepared to pay about 1,200,000 VND.


Expect to pay at most 200,000 VND for organized tours of Cu Chi Tunnels, while Halong Bay tours from Hanoi costs about 850,000 VND for 2-day trips. You can take bicycle tours and half-day cooking classes, but they are a bit expensive because they target tourists. Be prepared to pay around 300,000 VND per activity. If you try canyoning in Da Lat, expect to pay about 450,000 VND.

Suggested Budget Per Day

You can prepare at most 900,000 VND if you stay in a hostel, eat street food, and use public transportation. Locals charge higher prices when they know you are a tourist. Prepare to haggle harder so that you get your money’s worth.


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