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I was lucky enough right after college to travel around Vietnam for almost a year right after college. I truly loved the place and has a blast and it allowed me to learn SO much about a new culture. But after traveling all of Vietnam for almost a year, I definitely have been able to pick up quite the tips and tricks for traveling in a country that is quite peculiar. It was very hard in the beginning due to the language barrier and was unforgiving if you could not communicate.

The Keys To Success in Traveling Vietnam

In my following posts, I am going to help you become an expert Vietnam traveler before you even BOARD the plane to head to Vietnam. You will know all the best spots to go to and how to get around in a city that is going to be super unfamiliar. Vietnam is an absolutely beautiful place to travel in. You can find something new to do on almost every single corner you go down. One of the first and best tips I am going to give you, is to use a tour guide! The Vietnam tour guide will be able to help you know what are the best things to do at what times. Like, some things are really good to do in the summer months but absolutely terrible in their winter months.

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Another great reason to use a tour guide is you will never find yourself stranded without a “lifeline”. If you do not know the language very well, the tour guide is required. BUT, if you do know the language and are ready for a real adventure, go out by yourself and explore. There is so much beauty in Vietnam, prepare to be amazed! (I still suggest that you take a tour guide and then go out by yourself)

If you have any questions before your journey to Vietnam, please feel free to hit up my Contact form and reach out!
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