Activities You Can Add To Your Vietnam Traveling Plans

Vietnam is famous for its fascinating culture, delicious food, and exquisite countryside. Tourists share their memorable experiences and places with newfound friends, who are knowledgeable locals.

The Ninh Binh Countryside

The-Ninh-Binh-Countryside-300x169 Activities You Can Add To Your Vietnam Traveling Plans

The town of Ninh Binh is not really beautiful. However, you will fall in love with its countryside. You can hire a bicycle then bike to the karst limestone scenery one early morning. If you are after peace and quiet, you will surely enjoy exploring the villages and picnicking by the rice fields. You have a chance to see Vietnamese farmers at work.

Hanoi Kids Tours


The-Ninh-Binh-Countryside-300x169 Activities You Can Add To Your Vietnam Traveling Plans

Hanoi Kids offers a free tour. It is an organization composed of students who are learning English. Tourists are paired with them. When you book with the organization, you get to enjoy the cuisine, culture, and city from a local’s perspective. These students will tell you stories about their lives and ambitions, as well as their adoration for Korean pop stars.

Once you get to the Ho Chi Minh memorial, you and the students can talk about politics and what the memorial means to them. In this tour, you set the pace. The students will just give you tips on how to make the most out of your stay. You need to pay for the entrance fees to tourist spots, but the services of these students are free.

Hanoi Food Tour

Vietnam is a food lover’s haven. You will find different affordable and tasty choices. However, you may feel overwhelmed by a large number of eating places and menu right in front of you. If you are with a local guide, you will a perfect experience sampling the wide array of food in such a short time.

Bun cha, mi quang, spring rolls, happy pancakes, steamed fish, pho, egg coffee, and sticky rice are your best bets. Your guide will even teach you how to eat each dish and which sauce you can use for each of them.

The Hon Gom Sandbar and Dai Lanh

Hon Gom is a 30-km long sandbar that you can traverse via a hired scooter. Dai Lanh beach, on the other hand, is a perfect place where the ocean meets the Annamite Mountains. In Son Dung, you can take a village tour by boat, dive off the pontoon, and sleep and dine under the stars. It takes 12 hours to reach Dai Lanh and Hon Gom sandbar by bus from Ho Chi Minh.

Overnight Sleeper Train from Hanoi to Da Nang

You can book the overnight sleeper train online, and your tickets will be delivered to your hotel efficiently and courteously. The overnight journey from Hanoi to Da Nang is easy, interesting, and cheap. Noodle and beer trolley will pass by your bunk. As you approach Da Nang the following morning, you will see the coastline, bananas, water buffalo, small shops, and more noodle and beer trolleys.

Water Puppet Shows

As a Vietnamese tradition, water puppetry is a cultural activity wherein puppets act out Vietnamese tales in a large pool of water, accompanied by a Vietnamese orchestra. Ho Chi Minh has the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater, while Hanoi has the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.


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